Do You Dare Try Purple Lips?

Do you dare try pur­ple lips? If you work a dark plum pucker you can play into the grunge trend that’s hit hard as win­ter approaches. There are also laven­der hues that give a mod girl vibe that hap­pened in the 90’s with the rise of what are now washed-up, pop stars. The 90’s are back! I’ve found that pur­ple is much eas­ier to wear than you’d think. There are tons of drug­store options avail­able, which means it’s not com­pletely far-fetched. And with Pan­tone nam­ing Radi­ant Orchid as the color for 2014, pur­ple hues are hot­ter than ever.

Radiant Orchard Pantone

Radi­ant Orchard — Pan­tone Color of the Year for 2014

I wear a deep, dark one from Black Heart Beauty by Hot Topic called Melo­drama when I want to be noticed. It requires a good primer, but most bold col­ors do.


My favorite light pur­ple comes from MAC called Nicki 2, it was lim­ited edi­tion but I bought an extra tube so I’m still work­ing with it. I’ve found that the laven­der lip comes across more as a neu­tral with a lit­tle surprise.

I keep it all in place with my favorite lip primer (which also works as a liner to pre­vent bleed­ing) by BITE.


My actual lip prod­ucts. Don’t judge my enor­mous lip prints, my mouth looks like I have a pink loveseat stuck to my face. It’s cool right? Like, Angelina Jolie?

I think most ladies are a lit­tle iffy on this trend, we’re all so used to wear­ing warm col­ors on our lips. I chal­lenge you to go play with your makeup in the bath­room, maybe snap a selfie, and see how flat­ter­ing it really can be.

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Duck­face from me to you.

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